How do I combat condensation and what will it hurt if I don’t?


Condensation needs to be taken seriously!  Ignoring it can damage the RV which is not warrantable and most importantly could lead to mold issues which could be a health hazard.  The key to controlling condensation is ventilation.  A family in the course of normal use (breathing, bathing, cooking, washing dishes, wet towels/clothes, etc.) can put gallons of moisture (water) into the air.  If that moisture is unable to escape the RV, you will experience condensation.  Tips to proper ventilation:  crack a window, crack the roof vents, utilize the roof fans when showering, use the range hood fan when cooking or washing dishes, avoid hanging wet towels/clothes inside to dry.  If these basic tips are unsuccessful in controlling condensation, it may even be necessary to consider purchasing a dehumidifier.  (See Owner’s Manual for further information regarding controlling indoor air quality).